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What To Do If Men Have Low Testosteron?

October 16, 2015

Today let’s talk about low testosterone in men. What men should do if he has low T? Should he take some testosterone boosting supplements by himself or rather go to a doctor and make some tests to know whether he really has low testosterone levels or not.


You see a lot of hype in the media about low testosterone. It is frequently touted as a way to restore vitality and restore youth, increase your libido. There are supplements that can help increase your energy and sex drive, but you want to make sure that you have your levels checked before you do any these things. A lot of things that you get over the counter really can cause problems if you take too many of them. So if you have low testosterone, and you are going to have exogenous or actual testosterone given, you really want to have two things: you want to have the clinical indication of symptoms of low testosterone (decreased sexual desire, decreased muscle mass) and a blood test of the testosterone levels that is consistent with that. So you have low testosterone in the blood and also have symptoms.

So if we find that testosterone is low, and the doctor gives us testosterone supplement or something to bring our levels back up. Are there any negative effects that happen from taking this supplement? Anything you take can cause problems. If you have too much testosterone or too much exogenous testosterone that can cause infertility, thickness of the blood because increase red blood cells, it can cause problems with sleep, those are the things.


And if you have prostate cancer, there is a link with testosterone and prostate cancer. We know in the oncology community that we treat prostate cancer by using testosterone blocking agent. So we find the testosterone, we know that testosterone will stimulate the growth of prostate cancer cells. So using anti-testosterone or testosterone blocking agent to prevent this prostate cancer from growing.

So conversely if you are taking exogenous testosterone, and you have prostate cancer, you can stimulate the growth of the prostate cancer. You always have to have regular monitoring by your physician. Do not self-diagnose because the commercial sounds like this. Make sure you go in see the doctor and get the right information.