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Our Mission

Contamination of tobacco by the fungal toxin known as aflatoxin has led to a public health catastrophe. The multiple cancers caused by aflatoxin in primary and secondary tobacco smoke have caused millions of premature deaths. Our goal is to educate the public with respect to this ongoing disaster and to encourage our elected government officials to pass legislation to reduce the harm caused by this most powerful carcinogen in our midst.Aflatoxin is regulated on agricultural commodities by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other worldwide regulatory bodies, but aflatoxin is not regulated on tobacco products.Help us minimize the spread of this terrible carcinogen by supporting FDA regulation of aflatoxin on tobacco and by other common sense public health measures.



News Releases


United States Patent Links Grain Toxins to Tobacco
Thursday, April 18, 2002
Prototypical Toxin Found in Cigarettes
– Kerry S. Lane MD,
Minimizing Aflatoxin on Tobacco as a Value Added American Crop
– Kerry S. Lane MD, 11/13/00
New Cigarette Patent May Reduce Risk
– Kerry S. Lane MD, 11/13/00
Aflatoxin Identified As Silent Killer Found in Tobacco
– Kerry S. Lane MD, 09/09/99
Aflatoxin, Tobacco, Ammonia and the p53 Tumor-Suppressor Gene: Cancer’s Missing Link?
– Kerry S. Lane MD, 08/30/99
Tobacco in cigarettes contaminated with mold
– Keith Mulvihill, 09/21/00
Toxins in Common Plant Fungus Revealed as Likely Missing Link in Causing or Promoting Tobacco-assisted Cancers
– Kerry S. Lane MD, 09/09/00
Relationship between lung cancer and aflatoxin B1
– Georggiett OC, Muino JC, Montrull H, Brizuela N, Avalos S, Gomez RM.

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If you feel this matter deserves greater attention, please contact your Senator in support of Senate Bill S.2626 “Youth Smoking Prevention and Public Health Protection Act
And suggest the following to your Senator :
* This legislation should specifically mandate maximum aflatoxin levels on tobacco products *Senator contact list – – – View Senate Bill S.2626 


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